FM DX : Recorded History
Radio is usually thought of as a fleeting moment in time...once words are said over the air, they are gone forever. But there are those who have had the foresight to record some of those broadcasts. These historical audio tracks are now made available to the public free of charge so that these bits of history will not be lost to time. The person who recorded each clip, along with contact info, is in the "artist" tag of each file, so please feel free to download and share them as you wish without any further permission. Please tell others who may be interested about this page. If you have FM radio recordings from anytime prior to 1990 and would like to offer them for inclusion in this collection, please use the "Email" link below. The files are grouped by state and currently run from 1967 to 1990 and number nearly 5200. Years will be added as time permits. Click the state you want to visit and when finished with that state, click the Back button to return to this page. Please join our Facebook Group here to discuss what you've discovered.

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********    A word about "FM DXing"    ********

Most, if not all, of these recording were made by "DXer's" (a term used to denote distant listening). Their hobby is picking up FM stations from distances that most think are impossible. Using quality FM tuners and antennas--and the most important ingredient--patience, they hear FM stations many hundreds of miles away routinely and approaching 2000 miles on occasion. A select few have recorded their "catches" and were kind enough to allow their recordings to be used here.
As you wander around this site, keep in mind that most of these signals were recorded in Ohio, Indiana or Illinois. These folks have spent decades recording and documenting their reception. Here's hoping you'll enjoy a few hours of listening to the fruits of their labor and in the process, that you'll get a glimpse into what FM Radio sounded like "back in the day". To learn more about FM and TV DXing, visit or on Facebook at


 DXing since 1970, Andy Bolin from Charleston, Illinois. See his complete collection here.

DXing since 1972, Ralph Strobel from Muncie, Indiana.

DXing since 1969, Bob Hawkins from Edinburgh, Indiana

DXing since the 1960's, Steve West from Indianapolis, Indiana

DXing since the early 1970's, Mark Erdman from Weyauwega, Wisconsin

DXing since 1985, Matthew Sittel from Bellevue, Nebraska

DXing for a long time, Fred Vobbe from Lima, Ohio

DXing since 1959, Bill Bens from Cincinnati, Ohio

DXing for a very long time, Mike Bugaj from Connecticut

DXing since the 1960's, James Duncan from Los Gatos, California